Sunday, September 12, 2010

Puppy Love

At varying points in the year after M Bug was born
I wished we did not have dogs.
They were loud
and inconsiderate to my plight
barking mere moments after
I got my fussy sleeper down
thus waking him up.
Boo hiss.
There was the hair, the dirt,
the often wild behavior
and frankly Matthew took over our lives
and the dogs were kicked to the curb.
I can vividly remember in his 2nd year
actually sitting on the couch snuggling
with Santana again and enjoying it.
It was definitely different with Marisa.
It was not as important that they be quiet
I did not care about dirt and hair
and the dogs were calmer, older.
All I can say now is that I could not imagine our lives
without our dogs.
K and I love both of them so very much.
But the kids?
ADORATION to the ninth degree.
M Bug loves Santana
and I can see the way Santana looks at the boy
he too feels the same way.

Missy is a fan of Lucy.
She is not fan of anyone but Kevin.
Marisa will learn!
The kids and dogs all interact now.
They play fetch
and the kids feed them their meals
and treats
and they all snuggle together.
The dogs are suddenly involved in elaborate schemes
and everyone gets kisses at night before bed
including the dogs.
We are a family of five, most definitely, and
I cannot imagine our lives without our peeps.
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