Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Squee Squee Squee

I am so excited for little things coming up
over the next few weeks.
Just thinking about them makes
me go SQUEEE with happiness:
M Bug’s soccer American cup thing
where he plays games against
other kids from other areas all morning!!

Apple picking at the orchard

Visiting the patch and carving pumpkins

Fall weather (if we ever get over summer here…)

Hearing the crunch of leaves under
my feet when I run 10 miles on Saturday!

Date night with my honey this weekend

Running my 2nd half marathon in less than a month!

Making Star Wars cookies with
our new Star Wars cookie cutters
 (These are DA EFFING BOMB YO!)

Working on a new running mix AKA Race Mix Part II

Adding and listening to kick ass music:
Junip, The National, Rush, The Avett Brothers,
Kings of Leon, Florence and the Machine, The Dark Keys,
Vivian Girls, Heartless Bastards (‘splain that one to your five year old!),
Eminem (even you are not a fan his new album is amazing!),
Josh Ritter, Marina and The Diamonds, Ray LaMontagne
Broken Bells, Jack Johnson,
Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam… the list goes on and on.

Having so much fun discovering new and funky music!

Glee, American Pickers (which is almost over :( ),
CSI, Survivor, Amazing Race, Hawaii Five-O,
How I Met Your Mother, Two and Half Men,
Criminal Minds, Big Bang Theory, NCIS,
The Colony (also almost over), Undercover Boss,
Castle, & Psych (over but watching again!)
I heart fall TV!

Getting the DVDs for
the past seasons of Breaking Bad.
I have to watch this show I
 have been hearing SO much about!

Morning open house at M Bug’s school this week
(and seeing his photo as one of the Stars of his school!)

Finding fun new fall clothes -  ohhh shopping how I love thee

M Bug has not one, not two but FOUR loose teeth:
Two on the top, two on the bottom
Waiting for those to come out!
(And he has TWO six year molars already!!!)
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