Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wacky Weird Wishful Wild List

M Bug had a homework assignment due last week.
It was an environmental alphabet project.
Each child received the instructions for this project
along with their letter.
We were supposed to work together
as a family to complete the project.
Ours was 'W'.

So we set to work to finding 'W' items
around the house, outside the house,
in the garage, yard, you name it
we looked everywhere for 'W's.

We talked a lot about the letter W.
When we drove around we named W items
and we looked for W words.
Great FUN!

Then the day came that we needed to turn the project in.
K said we ought to provide a list because
A dead bug may not bring to mind
the intended W - wings on the dead bug.
Besides the list being somewhat humorous.

Below is our list.
Check out NUMBER TEN.

Water shot out of my nose when I saw this list.*
* We did add DANDELION after the word WEED.
We did not want to get M Bug expelled from Kindergarten!
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