Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Horsin' Around

After soccer/gymnastics/my 12 mile run
on Saturday morning, before I started
to feel fantastically AWFUL with the
head cold illness that has been consuming
my fucking life lo these past three weeks,
we went to this special horse show
being held for free at the barn near to our house.

As an aside that I felt I had to share
never in all my life did I
expect to be writing at the ripe age of 36,
"attended a horse show at the barn near our house". 
 Oh how life changes and
teenage/twenty year old dreams
die hard but whatevs...
Am in rare form today.

All I had was the cell phone camera but they are kind of fun.

This is a special needs Horse program in our area.
They always need funding and
support through volunteers. 
If you are looking for more 411,
email me.
It is a fantastic program.
Our business always gives
a fair amount of money to them.
Its horses and kids with special needs.

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