Friday, October 22, 2010

Missy Love

I love how much Missy still loves woofies. 

I love that she still calls them woofies even though she knows they are called dogs or puppies.

I love that Missy asks for water by saying 'ice'.

I love that Missy still is not that interested in the television.

I love that her "favorite" show is Booby Booby Boo... Scooby Doo.

I love that she thinks the theme song is the best part of that show!

I love how she calls out Hwello and Good bye to M Bug's friends.  As in "Hwello Ogan". 

I love that Missy likes to dance, clap and sway to music.

I love that her current favs were some of M Bug's favs from back in the day (think Wheels on the Bus and the LP cds.)

I love that her favorite thing at M Bug's school's fall festival was the room where we danced in a strob light. That was an awesome sight to behold.

I love that Missy loves babies.  Baby baby baby.

I love that her favorite baby is the one I bought by mistake at Kroger for $3.99.

I love how Missy will look across the table and bob her head 'yes' to M Bug.  Then they will both scream their ever loving heads off.

I love how much Missy loves books.  She will carry them around with her, bring them in the car to thumb through, and sleep with them tucked up under her pillow.

I love that Missy says 'wuv you'.
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