Thursday, October 7, 2010

On Stuff

On Baseball: I am all eh about it ever since I moved from the Bay Area. It used to be super fun to go to the A’s and Giants games with my Daddy when I was a kid. The Midwestern teams definitively do not do it for me. Not in any way, shape, or form. And yo it is the 21st century and I know I can watch the A’s and/or the Giants on the television and Internets and what not but it is just not the same as going to a game. I love the Giants as much as I (hanging my head in sadness over how awful this team has been the past decade or two…) love the ‘Niners. They will always be my teams through good and bad. At any rate, I am pretty fired up that the Giants are in the playoffs. While I can guarantee you I will not sit down in front of the tube to watch a game I will be silently rooting for the black and orange. GOOOO GIANTS!

On Football: I do not know what it is but this year I am just not into the NFL. Usually I love a good NFL game. I would say without a doubt that I am not a fan of college football. I have no teams that I care about; I do not get college football and the interest paid to it, etc etc etc. But this year? I am obsessed with college football! I blame the YMCA squarely for this. I run at night and the best thing on four TVs is usually college football and it has been so much fun to watch. Even the not so big names like last night UCF and UAB? Freakin’ great game! I am kind of stoked to watch the U of M/MSU game this weekend. Who will be UNDEFEATED afterward??? 

On ESPN: On a similar note, ESPN is really the only good thing on the TVs at the Y. This is not a bad thing entirely. I am learning to (re)love poker all over again and I am glad to see familiar faces from when I was OBSESSED with it. When I was pregnant with Matthew, I would literally watch HOURS of poker and I would be so sad when the tournament ended and I had my favorite players and OMG scary right?  This I blame on some weird hormonal imbalance!

Any who, if you have not watched the 30 for 30 series on ESPN, you should. It is an amazing series. Four Days in October: a-mazing, tears cried and I ran SO fast. One Night in Vegas (Tupac and Foreman story): a-mazing. Cried but I loved Tupac. The House Of Steinbrenner: a-mazing. Run Ricky Run: a-mazing (CRIED, sobbed like a baby, do not recommend watching this one whilst running in a public place especially if you have had someone close to you pass away from cancer, recently…) I digress. WATCH THIS SERIES. NOW!  Here are the show times.

On fitness: I love running but I am ready to be done with the training/race aspect of things for a bit. I am not a take a class kind of person. The idea of doing a class once a week in the name of fitness just does not do it for me. Nor does sweating my ass along with 25 other people. I am definitely a solitary fitness person in the sense that I love to have a running or swimming buddy but I am not big into GROUP fitness sessions. I have no idea why. Never have been, never will be I suppose.

I loved the yoga class I took a year or so ago because it was different. More solitary. We did not chitter chatter. I did not need to make "pretend" friends in the class and I could come and go calmly. I may do yoga or Pilates again just to see if I still like it. I may just do some stuff at home and start weight lifting again. I still kind of dream about swimming here and there. That might (...maybe...) fun. I need to come up with a plan quick though because after the half marathon next weekend, if I have no plan the carbs and sugar may kill me (see below)!

On eating: I had a bad eating day yesterday. One would say if looking at my eating habits that EVERYDAY is a bad eating day for me but that is another story all together. I subsist on lots of sugar, carbs, and caffeine to get me through. They are in the form of rewards and desperation to keep my eye lids propped open and shit like that. I am trying with all of my might to fight the sugar and carb thing. BUT fucking sugars and carbs are beating me down!

We all have “trigger foods” or at least that is what I call them. If I give in to one trigger food, it all goes downhill. For me, yesterday it was Bagel Wednesday at work. Once I start the day with that and ignore the fresh fruit which I did yesterday and I ate the fatty granola bar too, I just never looked back. I ate smarties and candy corn and had some additional coffee and omg PIZZA for dinner and then I came home LATE from running and stuffed my face with Sun chips and cheese and crackers… Really, are you kidding me? Okay, my body is a wreck right now. I am beat down from training, not sleeping enough and being sick for weeks on end but still. How is eating so much crap going to help? SO today is a new day, a better day. I am not looking back. Today will be better, I am sure of it. Just moving forward.

On babies: My bestie had a baby last week!!  I totally meant to write about it but have been eh to blogging by the end of the week.  I said something about it on FB but not here.  She had a BABY BOY last Friday morning, October 1 (what a cool b-day eh?  10-1-10)!!  YAY!  After two girls, they are super thrilled to have a baby boy.  She is AMAZING herself.  She gave birth naturally without a drug in sight in less than 45 minutes from her arrival time to the hospital to a 9 LB 15 OZ baby boy.  Let that WEIGHT sink in.  That is almost a 10 lb kid without drugs.  She effing well rocks the free world! 
He is a cutie!  Looks just like his OLDEST sister when she was born... only like four pounds heavier!  SO THRILLED for them.  Also, one of my fav bloggers had her baby too.  Check him out!


Melissa said...

i'm also ready for the half-marathon training to be over. I'm gonna veg out for about a week and then work on core strength for a few weeks. Then 30 day shred during the month of December. Take THAT holiday weight gain!

Rolling Off The Edge... Together said...

I am mostly living in fear of the holiday weight gain... I need to come with a plan. Will try to do that soon. I actually did a quick weight circuit last night after my run and it was kind of great. Made me wish I had done this more often the past 10 weeks... OH well live and learn ;)! K bought me the 30 day shred last year and I can get it on Exercise TV On Demand. Since you mentioned it, I have thought about doing that. That way I do not have to actually leave the house in the winter months!!