Monday, October 18, 2010

Sibling Rivelry

One could say she is "learning" a lot from her older brother.
It's great.

I often wondered what the relationship would be like
between the kids.
Missy adores M Bug.
M Bug would never ever admit to adoring Missy.
They are such classic siblings.
I have no illusion, 
they are not the perfect sweet loving sibs
that I am sure exist somewhere,
in some imaginary world.

He gets jealous when his "friends" think she is cute
and want to play with her more then him.
He begrudgingly reads her a book every night.
He makes her kiss his ankle good-night.
He yells at her.
She pinches him.
He yells louder.
She scratches him.
He cries. She cries.
We yell at everyone to stop.
Time outs abound.
He is jealous of her.
If she gets something and he does not.
There is whining to be heard.
He likes to tell her what to do, how to do it.

And yet despite the not so loving sweet relationship
I thought we would foster
I know they love one another.

He will pick her up if she falls down
and gently apply a band-aid.
He will whisper secrets to her
about ice cream and holidays and school.
He will show her how to dig in the mud
and make a killer sandcastle.
He will hug her when no one is looking
and involve her in monster truck mash ups.
They jump wildly on the bed and couch
together and laugh together over the
absurdity of it all.
They crack jokes and laugh over that.
They grin wickedly and make faces at one
another across the dinner table.

I know that eventually one day
they will laugh about the fighting
they will joke about it
and tell stories about it.
There will be stories and moments
that they will forever carry with them.
It will shape who they become.

I am so grateful for two.
I cannot imagine one
without the other.
I hope that one day they feel the same way.

** The extra little person is our neighbor, O**

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