Thursday, October 14, 2010

Photographic pictures

First picture is from SOCCER!
So cute. 
Doesn't M Bug look cute?!
Well looks are deceiving.
He's been a hellish Devil lately.
Not sure how to get out of this loop.
Just trying to LOVE him
and let go of the behavior
that is making me infinitely sad
these days.
Second one is SCHOOL!
I told M Bug it will be interesting to see
his Fall photos versus his Spring photos
as he has FOUR loose teeth right now.
He is like a skittle skattle skeleton
from a some Halloween cartoon
with his teeth all waving in the wind!
Why yes I am fancy. 
Just a photo of a photo is how we roll...
Even with his recent devilish behavior,
this kid has a killer smile!
M Bug 
5-1/2 years of age
September 2010
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