Monday, November 29, 2010

Current Loves

Things I currently loving right now...
That stupid universal button for my Amazon list.  I have known about it for years but avoided it because I knew it would dangerous.  But I really want to get the kids those cutie pants sleep over sleeping bags from PB.

The smell of the leftover turkey K turned into a crockpot for dinner this evening.

The fact that we have not decorated inside the house yet.

The fact that K is now and forever known as Clark.  I will take and post photos but OMG our house is going to be riDICulous this year...

I love LOVE love how the spare bedroom in the basement turned out.  I have been working on it for weeks and weeks.  I did want to paint it before putting all shit in there and hanging pictures but oh well.  Maybe one day I will do it.  Love that it is three rooms in one and it hard to tell that is the case.  AND best of all it is my favorite room in the house at the moment!

I love that I reconfigured the kitchen after realizing that I still had the blender out from our baby food making days.  This was no longer necessary!

I re purposed a cutie pants bookshelf that I paid too much money for at Pier 1 years ago into a game shelf in an extra closet so now all of the games in the entire house have one home (one closet) and we can easily access to them as this closet is near the kitchen table!

I love the fleece pants that K picked up for a good deal at ON on Black Friday. 

I love that K went out into the Black Friday mess this year and NOT me!

I love the gifties my Mom got the kids when she was visiting.  I cannot wait to see Missy's face when she opens hers!

I am looking forward to Friday night and our holiday party.  All night baby sitter, a stay at a nice-y bed and breakfast and fun and festivities of our holiday party in my kick ass deal of a dress (shoes still need to be found...)
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