Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Field Trippin'

M Bug has his first field trip today!  I am SO excited for him.  He was up at 5:23 AM this morning and he was READY to go go go!! 

My first memory of a field trip was in the first grade when we went to a pumpkin patch in a farmer's field that now contains a HUGE strip mall but at the time it was still a giant field like so much of San Jose was back then.  I remember being so over the moon about getting out of the drudgery of school work in the class room, to be able to run free, in a pumpkin patch no less!  YAY!!

The field was beside a large four lane road but the pumpkin patch in my memory seemed to be a million miles away from that road.  I know it was not.  I remember picking out a small pumpkin to take home and loving every moment of this trip.  I remember lining up and being assigned a chaperone (my mom!) and learning about pumpkins and how they grow and farms and just how cool it was to be in a pumpkin patch during school hours!  We rode the bus, a rare treat for me, because my house was literally across the street from our school at the time.  I walked to school every day so a bus seemed like the ultimate luxury!

My mom was one of the chaperone's.  I thought she was cool for doing that back then.  I also think this might have been one of last acts of parenthood where she really cared to be a part of "it" all.  Or at least that is what I felt and remember from my six year old memories.  31 years of life can some times skew the facts however.

I cannot wait to hear the field trip report.  K went as a chaperone.  M Bug had his lunch packed in a brown paper sack.  He was beaming when we all left this morning.   I hope he remembers his first field trip with as much fondness as I do!
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