Friday, November 19, 2010

Remaining Calm

I am stepping away from reality for a moment.  Man O boy today has been ONE of those days.  I really felt like it was going to be a great day and it has turned into someting OH so different.  For instance, I went to throw a cup of water out on to the grass this morning (WHAT?  I feel bad pouring it down the drain... too green? HA) and I quite nearly broke my neck slipping on the icy wood with my slippers.

Then Missy pooped but somehow most of the poop missed her pull-ups and went EVERYWHERE else.  So that was gross.  Needless to say she had a bath this morning already.

Then Missy and I went to Target.  I just decided to bit the bullet and get a crap load of Christmas shopping done.  I figure if we see something for a lesser price in the coming weeks we can always return the more expensive item after buying the cheaper item.  M Bug wants a few things that I am frightened will be "out of stock" if we wait too long.  Target.  Target was fine.  Until Missy pooped (again...) in her pull-ups and me being the well prepared spectacular mother that I am (wishfully wishing she would just dang well learn to use the potty I suppose...Grrrr) forget to pack an extra pull-up and wipes.  Oh before you judge me, I remembered water and snacks this time... Also, continuing with the poor 2nd child theme that seems pervasive in our lives unlike with M Bug who we were always prepared with extra "stuff" in the car, HA not so with Missy.  SO off we went half way through our shopping expedition to check out and go home to change.  I put everything in the car including Marisa when I noticed the FUCKING FLAT TIRE.  Yup.  Merry Effing HOLIDAYS to me and a hardy ho ho ho aww fuck.

I kind of freaked out.  Something I absolutely HATED about my mother growing up.  By the time I talked myself out of freaking out, I think Marisa was just plain tired and over my 'tude.  She wanted to drive with the window down.  37 degrees.  It was a VERY cold ride home.

I made a new kind of Mac and Cheese which was yucky (Annie's Mac N Cheese premade cheese kind - UBER fail for adults and children.) Missy was tired and cranky and floppy from being both tired and cranky so pre nap procedure and generally just getting her down for a nap was hellish (see also I do not think she needs a nap anymore but I am NOT NOT NOT ready to give it up.)

K came home and raced off to Tire Barn with the Rav.  There was a screw in the tire and I am pretty sure the spare in the car is flat or has issues.  We are excellent car owners.  Did I mention the door handle on the Camry broke last week?  AND the Rav needed an oil change about a 1000 miles ago? 

I blame this all on my nerves (the usual ones) about work/life but also my Mom visiting.  I am SO nervous about this visit and the holidays and work and needing to finding a new nanny/childcare situation like yesterday.  SO there's that and OMG just feeling pressure.  WOE WOE WOE.

Trying to remember the good things: I THINK I found a party dress for our Holiday party.  It is a cool jewel tone green and I found some funky earrings to match all for under $50 bucks (score!) and I am not sure about shoes but I never have trouble locating shoes (CURSED now...)

I weighed myself last night after pigging out (see the above mentioned stress) and I weighed a solid THREE pounds less then I did when I running my arse off this summer/fall.  Which also means I am SIX pounds away from PRE-BABY weight, HOLY HELLS BELLS did that make my night even if it does not last it is a nice way to start off the holidays :)!

M Bug is totally into/geeked about this canned food drive at school.  He loves it.  He wants to bring something in every day.  I am not sure if he gets exactly where the food will go but I love that he wants to do it without question!

Finally, Missy turned to me whilst reading our nap time book and she planted a kiss on my cheek apropos of nothing.  I figured at that moment that things could be worse, right?!
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