Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Saving Time

M Bug spouted off at the dinner table about that time K was watching the show on Christmas about snakes and would K be sure to let him watch the show about snakes this year at Christmas time, pleassse.  The viewing of that show was TWO years ago. However when asked what he did in school today and I get "uhhh I cannot remember..." said vaguely replete with eye rolling and glazed over stare.  I can only hope he is retaining that shit he is learning at school as well as he remembers a snake show on Christmas two years ago. 

Missy likes to open and close the garage door. She hangs precariously from the step to do this.  She fell off the step in her zeal to be helpful last Friday and now she looks like a prize fighter.

M Bug is getting so flipping awesome at reading.  A reader. I am so giddy I am thinking about taking him on a special "I've learned to read" date!  He was reading a bit here and there but he did mention that he did not want to learn read because he was afraid we would stop reading to him at night.  We have repeatedly told him we would keep reading to him as long as he likes us to read to him.  Gawd please do not let me be reading his college text books to him over the phone when he is 20...

M Bug has always loved reading which is a good thing but he has mostly lost interest in "kiddie" books.  We almost exclusively read "chapter books" and I am running out of ideas and options.  We blew through most of the Junie B books, a lot of the Encyclopedia Brown books, all of the children's Judy Blume books, the entire Ramona series and all of the Magic Treehouse series last year.  We have moved on thanks to a couple of different books sales to numerous Dahl books, EB White and right now we are reading Charlotte's Web.  I am not sure where to go next.  I have some books that I adored as a kid but man some are a bit too much for a kid his age.  Heck, I think Charlotte's Web will make him cry. I already choked up at one part but I know how it ends... he has no idea what is coming.  That is actually a lie, I warned him the ending is sad.

Missy continues to love horses, dogs and babies (in no particular order).  I feel at a slight lose about what to get for Christmas this year however.  I do have ideas in mind but nothing solid.  We do not need more baby stuff, we definitely do not need more stuffed dogs, and horses she has and hardly looks at them.  AM NOT BUYING A REAL HORSE, thankyouverymuch :)!

M Bug, on the other hand, has a list as long as both arms and legs combined together there are probably 50 items or more on there.  To top it off, we have been watching Cartoon Network a lot lately and they do not kindly remove commercials like the other kiddie networks.  I get about five new requests per day of things he "wants"!  The good thing about this is I have lots of choices.  The bad thing: what if I, err I mean Santa Claus, makes the wrong choice!?

Despite the fact that the past few weeks have been "trying" with reference to Missy, she is still a joyful child who makes me laugh more often the not.  Two of my favorite things that she is currently saying is 'Happy Nappin' Time' before going to sleep in the afternoon. 

I LOVE the way she also says "Wuv you Mommy" at bed time or if she wakes up from a bad dream at night.  Melts my heart into a gazillion pieces.
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