Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Seasonal Crush

I have this thing with fall.
It is addictive.
And truly lovely.
Every year I wait and wait for this.
I wait for the sun to catch the leaves
in just that way  that it does in Autumn.
For the trees to fill with color
and the colors to fade away.
For the coolness to brighten the air.
Everything about fall
from morning till night makes
the world breath taking.
A leaf, even brown and curled, has its story.
Especially if they can escape my five year old's
wrath, a stick long enough to whack these
leaves out of the tree.
Holly berries that deck our halls long
before Christmas.
Their colors pop out like the first Spring crocus.
I stare at their brightness,
in the cold evening air
a trail of cold breath curling up from my lips
I listen to the leaves crunching at my feet.
Nature's natural decorations.
Even the most uninteresting things in the yard
are dressed up in the fall.
in colors I have never noticed before.
Our Asian neighbors fascinate me.
I believe they will garden all winter long.
I mean this interesting plant
along with several others are growing
as if the plants do not realize the freeze is here
to stay.
But really it is this.
The colors of the setting sun
wrapped in the browning fall leaves.
This backdrop of
country meets small town
makes me heart sing.
How I love Autumn,
how I will miss it when it is gone,
replaced by gleeful snowmen and colored lights
and gaudy decorations and ho ho ho's.
Till next fall...
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