Monday, November 15, 2010


Missy has a hit a shyness streak recently.  She is decidely not shy if someone is say across the street like our lovely sweet neighbor, Rosalyn.  Missy peeps through her blinds each day at nap time and bed time and says "Nigh nigh Larry, Nigh Nigh Rosalyn. Nigh Nigh Birdies."  She will happily shout 'HIYA Rosalyn' from the garage or the front porch.  She will be run to grap her trike and say "Look at me Rosalyn, I ride bike. Looka at me!"  But the moment Rosalyn tries to get close to Missy to say hi Missy clams up.  She hides her face.  She will not even attempt to look at her and of course like being released from a spell the moment Rosalyn puts a safe distance between herself and Missy, Missy goes right back to waving hello and smiling and giggling.

Same goes in stores.  She will randomly say Hewoo to everyone and anyone.  But if they turn and say hi back or try to start up a conversation Missy is striken with shy fear.  She clings to me and won't look at the person and OMG what a lovely place for an already socially anxious person to be!  I sort of laugh it off to people - oh to be two or oh my she is a silly billy, eh?  We will walk off and Missy says Me Silly billy Mommy?  Me silly, right?  OY VEY.  I actually do think she is silly in a good way but still... I just keep reminding her it is okay to say hi and talk to people as long as Mommy and Daddy are there. 

She loves to ride around with her window down and she will shout and wave at people a la beauty queen.  There is nothing better then to peek back Missy in the rear view mirror with her red hair flying back and huge smile on her face waving away to the anyone who will look at her.

Two is such an odd mix of shy and a giddy lack of self consciousness.  The smile and little voice and the wild hair.  Two is a little like getting away with being slightly like a crazy person.  She can wear orange stretch pants with a purple and green top and polka dot socks and people coo over how cute she is.  She is my girl.  She cracks me and drives me crazy.  She giggles if I even wiggle my fingers at her.  She is fearful and fearless all at once.  TWO IS WEIRD!

Self Portrait: Halloween
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