Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I swear to you my nut job sister and her mad computer skilz (which in the hands of a nut job are SCARY!) has hijacked my FB account.  Actually I have no idea what happened.  My mind went straight to her of course but really it could be anything.  Right?

SO I woke up this morning to my entire account being disabled.  Are you kidding me ???  EFF.

I had to provide proof of my name and birth date, etc and they are supposedly "looking into it".  Who knows...

Any who, so if I have disappeared from FB it was not by my choice.  I feel SO lost without FB.  OMG.

Then again maybe it is for the best?!  Nope not gonna lie it is making me cry inside.  SO many people I have reconnected with and I do not want to lose that.  BOOO hiss. 

PS: Spellcheck on here HATES me right now!
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