Thursday, November 18, 2010

Swept Up

Missy is a mix of intensity and laid back-ness.  She will flit from item to item but she is already better than M Bug at playing by herself.

I love her hearty hugs and kisses.  Some days those hugs and kisses are like a little bug flitting past and other days she clings tightly to my leg, like if she does not hug me so hard her world will be amiss.

She is a mix of sleeping well and not so well. 

She is a jumper, a runner, a biker.  She rides that trike as well if not better then her big brother ever did at any age and she never even cries when she crashes off of it.

M Bug is having his first SLEEP OVER this Saturday.  He is giddy.  I am nervous!

He told me that his friend, Lane, learned to tie his shoes so on our walk down the hill to the car he said to me very seriously "so ah Mommy it must be time for me to learn to tie my shoes!"

He is a riot.  Filled with laughter and jokes and comedy.

He can get his sister to use the potty and shake her booty (dance) while he sings ridiculous songs. 

I do not know about you but I find myself picking the kids up whenever they ask.  They hardly have to ask.  I sweep Missy up in my arms every chance I can get, even as she is squirming away.  Even M Bug and his 51 pounds, I am willing to do this despite the protests of my back and legs, because I can. 

This time of childhood moves so fast.  This time in our lives is moving at warp speed.  I want to obsessively document it, make a note here so next year I can look back and remember it all, I want to relish in every moment I have with them now because it goes by in a blink.  Like it never happened and if I do not remember who will, I wonder.

I am not sure if it is just this time of year or the way M Bug cocks his head to ask me a question, how Missy will suddenly, magically, say words that I was not even aware she knew but I am feeling like I just simply do not want to forget, do not want to let it pass by without being said, cannot let go of the moments as if they do not matter, that we are all growing up and older and my kids will not always be available to be swept up in my arms as they are now.
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