Monday, November 29, 2010


Other things:
Missy L-O-V-E-S to read.  I thought M Bug was into it as a little dude but Missy is enamoured by it.  And she has certain books memorized and shouts out the next line before I can say it.  Her obsession right now: Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy, which is the sweetest story if you have never read it!

M Bug has been going through milk like a madman or Meeelik as he likes to call it now.  I feel like I might have to make the switch from organic to regular as he may bankrupt us one 1/2 gallon at a time!  He came home from school today and said the back of his knees and ankles hurt ALL day.  Ice and heat and half of a half gallon of milk later he said he was feeling better.  Later when he went to get ready for bed he handed over his pants so "Mommy can give them away" as they were FLOODS on him and he kept busting his button every time he ran or bent over.  Clothes and Milk are going to send us to the poor house?!

Missy is doing the same thing.  She is essentially in 3T everything.  This cannot be right, right?

Speaking of the Miss, she has taken a lot of huge, painful "spills" lately.  One fall occurred at the gymnastics class she goes to.  She bailed face first into a beam base.  Egg and bruise.  Then two days before Thanksgiving she took a spill while flying a kite out in the front yard.  This one freaked me out.  Seriously STILL freaking me out.  It is still swollen but it has changed color but I keep wondering if it will go away, the bump on the forehead that is.  Tonight after leaving the dinner table after NOT eating dinner she went to the couch to continue to fling herself off the couch like she was diving from a diving board into some pillows.  She had been doing this for a good 45 minutes before she finally make contact with the glass table.  Why do head wounds make me so ill?  There is so dang much blood and she now has a fat lip.  OY this one...

I took M Bug with me to take my Mom to the airport on Sunday.  I wanted him there as a buffer in part but I also wanted to spend some one on one time with him.  He has been so fantastic lately and sometimes he does not get credit for that.  He has been BEGGING to go to this Titanic exhibit in the big city to the north of us so I bribed begged asked him to come with me.  We had the most FANTASTIC time.  It was the perfect day.  The museum we went to was three stories and he wanted to look at every last thing including the steam powered clock and canal outside.  He was totally into everything but the Titanic exhibit which I found humorous.  They had an amazing Santa display thing.  I totally forgot my camera but I kind of liked it!  I did not have to document everything and I took some crappy phone photos but I felt like we just enjoyed our time together.  After the FOUR hours at the museum we headed home and stopped for WAIT FOR IT... McDonald's!  I know, I know.  I told you I had to bribe him to come!  He loved it.  He grinned ear to ear with his Happy Meal (zionks!) and I had a salad that was actually delish.  Amazing.  I love these new moments with M Bug.  He has changed so much over the past seven months (as he reminded us at dinner "I will SIX soon you know") and I am just loving every moment of it.  I know these sweet years will go by quickly...

I am sick as a dog.  We have all been sick.  Sinus head cold thing.  It has been hell.  Sinus coughing congestion PAIN sleeplessness all while my Mom was visiting and wanting to enjoy that time with her and be aware of how I was being around her and enjoy my time off with the kids, etc but man this sickness has been a challenge.  AND I LOST MY VOICE?!  ZOMG.

I am getting fatter by the day.  Have not worked out in two weeks.  I am afraid to get on the scale.  I wanted to start working out today but ummm this shitty exhausting cold?  Zzzz ready for bed!

Finally, I cannot wait to see M Bug do his gymnastic performance this week!  He loves gymnastics.  He really liked soccer and he actually likes t-ball/baseball.  Hockey?  Not so much (sadly).  Swimming is next.  Both he and Missy need to learn to swim SO that is how we will spend out Saturdays from here on out till they learn.  Basically we feel strong that they need to learn BUT I am SO not looking forward to it.  What?  I LOVED swimming, did it for 14+ years (including coaching and assorted other activities.) On a(n) (un)related note, when M Bug was first born I was really passionate about teaching him to swim, even considering a hope that he would one day become a "swimmer" but as time has passed I am less passionate about it.  Coming full circle, I just want him to do what he likes, I want him to do what he likes to do to the best of his ability and I want to give him all the chances to find out what he likes without pushing him into anything.  He will have plenty of time to "compete" as he gets older.
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