Thursday, November 4, 2010

When What To My Wondering Eyes Should Appear...

But another fucking cold.  Twin colds.  Both kids.  So for the record.

M Bug, Missy and I had a head cold. 

M Bug and I had antibiotics to treat sinus infections that were produced from that cold.

M Bug and I continued to hack and hack and feel miserable even after our antibiotics were finished.

I got the stomach flu which turned into a SEVEN day ordeal replete with tummy rumbles and issues from, err, the other end.

K got the stomach flu.  24 hours and done.

M Bug got the stomach flu but his was only in the tummy/sensitive other end for SEVEN days.

M Bug, while still having the stomach flu, started HACKING and sniffling.  He missed three days of school plus two days of fun during Fall break.  He is back at school now but this is a questionable decision in my mind.

Missy spent most of last night up and/or hacking up her lungs in my face and/or K's in our bed.

All if this started back in the last weeks of September.  It is now the first week of November.

I can say without a doubt I HATE the cold/flu season this year. 

The end.
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