Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All He Wants For Christmas...

is his bottom front tooth!  Last night M Bug lost his FIRST tooth!

Classic M Bug.  He cried and looked me right in the eye **mid sob*** and said "put it back, can we tape it back in, pleeeeeeease?!" all said while in near hysterics...

SO I felt like crap because I was the one who pulled it out.  YAY.  Another stellar parenting moment, eh?  In my defense, he did tell me it was okay before I pulled it out AND it was literally hanging on by air so it is a good thing it fell out before bed. 

He also said he was not telling anyone but his buddy L from school and he did not want me to tell ANYONE about this.  The Internet is like telling no one, right?

Let me also mention that we have been talking about his teeth falling out for about six months.  That is how long his teeth have been wiggling and waggling in his mouth.  He has not one, not two, but THREE books about the tooth fairy.  We were prepared for this.  We have watched some shows about losing teeth and talked about what would happen when it came out...

He would not even let me take a photo or anything right after it came out....

I can tell you that we got him calmed down by pulling out this kick ass book my co worker gave me on a whim.  She received something similar to this in a gift basket she won just a few weeks back.  She told me she had no idea who might like the book (she has no kids) and thought to ask me.  I took it and THANK GAWD!  The book we have has a great cover page saying all the things M Bug needed to hear.

There is a little pocket to stow his tooth for the tooth fairy and a place to write a note to the tooth fairy and a place for the tooth fairy to write back.  Then we placed the whole book under his pillow.

Another good thing that we did, unwittingly of course, was read the book a while back, Junie B., First Grader: Toothless Wonder.  He said (and I quote) "Oh Mommy do not put it ALL the way under the pillow.  Junie B. said it is better to leave it out like this (he put it off to the side) so the tooth fairy can have easily access it."  Good plan, kid, GOOD PLAN.

Can I even share with you the next most stellar parenting moment I had?  It was this.  After the kids were in bed I went over to a friend's house to get out and have some (much needed) girl time.  I was gone till almost midnight.  I came home, got ready for bed and logged on to the computer (What?  Isn't that the last thing EVERYONE does before bed?!?!?) then I drifted off to never land.  Until the alarm went off, at which time as usual M Bug called out.  I hissed 'COME IN HERE M BUG...' then I went to the bathroom.  Then I remembered the tooth.  I shook K awake and said "you did take care of the tooth right?"  I was met with an uncomfortable silence... FUCK IT EE FUCK. 

So K went and shepherded M Bug to our bed and quickly took care of the tooth.  Of course, M Bug told me he checked to see if his tooth was gone RIGHT when he woke up and the tooth fairy had not come.  SO if we were going to give away the secret it would have been right then.  For being late and possibly a shitty tooth fairy M Bug got FIVE bucks!  Nice setting the bar TOO high TOOTH FAIRY (I am looking at you K!) 

Thank God he is five and just believes (even though he keeps questioning me ad nauseum about Ralph the Elf and his magic and why he has seams and OHMIGAWSHNESS HALP.) 

I did finally get two cutie pics of his missing tooth this morning which I will put up later! 

And I was told adamantly NOT to help him pull out his next tooth!
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