Friday, December 31, 2010


No, I am not doing that damn meme this year. Nope.  Too many weird expectations plus it is private what I hope to accomplish this year.  SO down with the year end meme bahahahaha.

Actually, one thing that will change from this year to last year is that we are only being slightly lame.  We are having dinner guests for New Year's Eve so I might have to stay in my jeans and a nice shirt for once!  Not sure how I feel about THAT exactly... but this is a couple we know from work and we do not know well but we kind of do having visited socially at their house but never at ours.  YIKES!

We have finally done it.  We bought M Bug an entire bedroom set to be delivered in 2-4 weeks from the big city up north.  A desk/chair, head and foot board set, a five drawer dresser and a night stand.  At first we were going to get crazy and get him a bunk bed or a loft bed but we decided that we are WAY to practical for that.  So lame, right?  For the money, I like being practical.  The stuff we picked will definitely be something he grow into and not be mortified by at the age 13 so there that.  It is dark wood which I am slightly nervous about mostly for the dent/scratch factor but we shall overcome and solider on.

Additionally, I have literally not been to Toys R Us in years and we went and holy cats I love that place as much as an adult as did as a kid!

We also hit IKEA in the big city to the east.  We got Missy some temporary stuff to help with her room until she is five or six - a night stand and a small three drawer set.  M Bug got some shelves for his room.  And some shelving and storage stuff for the basement which we are totally in the process of redoing.  I am hoping we will paint it this summer too.  Plus I did away with the annoying lines that we hung unsuccessfully to put the kids art work on two years ago and bought four cork boards at IKEA to house art work instead.

Missy had her FIRST hair cut.  She did amazingly well and it helped that it was with someone she knew and it was a super quiet morning after Christmas.  She just a trim.  I am not wild about the short little girls hair cuts.  I love long flowing hair on littles... however I do get why people do the short cuts.  The tangle factor sucks!

Shall I mentioned that oddly uncomfortable spring like day we are having? The kids rode bikes and most of us are wearing short sleeves.

Also, can I mention that all of my jeans do not fit from the err um weight gain from two weeks of eating whatever when ever AND zero exercise.

I was obsessively reading Catching Fire after Christmas.  If you have not read the Hunger Games series, do it now! 

And playing lame Wii games with our new 2nd controller (Why yes we are VERY late to the game when it comes to technology and kind of proud of it.) 

Also, anyone want to buy a Blu (blue? WTF is it anyway) Ray Toy Story 3 DVD?  Dammit if I did not buy the wrong effing DVD for Christmas.  Stoopid Blu Ray (or stupid me, I would pick the later versus the former but I am trying to be LESS hard on myself!)

Finally, not to be too crass about the whole year end, new year thing, I really do hope that this year is as wonderful as the last one.  I kept waiting for 2010 to get better, I kept thinking OH MY EVER LOVING GAWD make 2010 end.  Then I had a moment, or several, where it dawned on me that I was letting life pass me by.  I was not enjoying my life at all.  I was hoping for another year to come as a way to improve upon a year that was going terribly.  When I finally had that moment, half the year had past.  So I got on with living and making the most of my life and things at work and all there was available to me and letting go of all of the other things/failing/disappointments.  I live in abundance now and this does not mean money or things which are lovely and great but no really abundance which means (to me) that my life is full and everything I could ever want or have it here now and I can obtain whatever else I want if I simply set my mind to the task of doing it. 

In a way, this year is the first I finally felt like I was in my 30s.  In my mid 30s and I love it.  I love that I am no longer in the middle land of feeling (STILL) like I was in my 20s yet older then 30+ and better and stronger and willing to learn and grow where as before I was only willing to stay stagnant pretending to live in that funky middle land.  I have so much more to do and say here but I can hear my kids and my husband outside shouting with pleasure and I want to join them, taking down Christmas decorations on this oddly warm last day of the year.  I want to take some parting shots of 2010 and know that when this time comes next year I will have grown and changed more and for the better and that is the most exciting part of being human, about being me.  Happy New Year to all!  May you live in abundance as well!
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