Monday, December 20, 2010

On the Eighth Day of Christmas...

C-c-c-old Momma (their words exactly... like can't you read their lips?)
Also, another strong parenting moment:
unzipped coats, no mitts/hats/scarves, pajamas
in the icy cold weather.
The train: post four hot dogs and a thing of nachos
most of which M Bug inhaled
and he was still hungry!
M Bug eating us out of house and home
one hot dog at a time.
Ma magic ticket Mom!
Tentatively she said mine too.
Obviously she changed her mind about being tentative!
Hot cocoa
dancing chefs!
Missy was enthralled by the "show"!
Magical train ride moment: wearing my hat!
I think they were saying Santa's village was coming up
then they shut off the lights and we saw the village!
K and Missy
Trying for a shot of the three of us...
at least I was looking at the camera
Let's leave it at that.
Missy showing off the bling!

I give you Polar Express Train Ride that cost WAY TOO MUCH
but are so amazingly fun that even adults want to believe in this story!
There were train elves and dancing chefs.
There was the most amazing hot cocoa and cookies.
There were lights and little snow flakes and the conductor.
There was Santa handing out a bell for each little boy and girl.
The magic of it all was not lost on anyone!
There was ice and snow and cold
There was a meal that cost way too much but
it was worth spending some time inside a beautiful hotel.
There were jingly bells for the first 20 minutes on a ride home
in the dark after eating too much and having so much holiday cheer
in our heads that once the soft romantic classic holiday tunes were on
and the littles fell to sleep,
I thought what an amazing holiday adventure. 
What a beautiful clear night with crystal white snow in farmer's fields. 
I wished the kids were awake to see some
of the crazy light decorations that rose up out of
no where in the midst of little hills and corn fields. 
I held K's hand and it was peaceful and quiet.
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