Monday, December 13, 2010

On the First Day of Christmas...

SO far be it from me to roll my eyes
at my dearly beloved and
his freaking crazy arse ideas.
 I have to admit I ROLLED my eyes at this idea. 
DUDE, I was wrong but
please OH please
do not share that tid bit with K. 
He will like it way too much!

When we had the second and equally lovely snow fall
the temps also fell.
I am loving this winter for some reason.
I think it is due to my increased body temps
recently... that is another story for another time.

K decided that he wanted to create a masterpiece
in our backyard.
Without further ado,
on the first day of Christmas,
I give you to
I love that you can see M Bug's missing tooth
which makes him look even more
like a wee hockey player!
M Bug apparently skated better on the
teeny tiny backyard pond
than he has the entire six weeks
in Hockey at a real rink.
Go Figure.
Missy loved it too!
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