Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On the Ninth Day of Christmas...

I give to you Missy and M Bug visiting with Santy Claus.
Our favorite guy in the little tiny mall downtown.
It is the SAME Santa every year
(four years total with two years of missing him in between!)
I think that is neat! 
And he is awesome.
Missy high fived him after sitting on his lap!
Neither of my kids have ever cried or been scared because of him.
Not like that one time in Canada when I thought M Bug was going to die from fear.
And this Santa smiles in the photo unlike that damn big mall Santa
who just looks grouchy in that overpriced photo
although I would not be happy if K were sitting in my lap
with a squirming scared three year old either!!!
The kids got candy canes AND a free cookie,
AND the photo!
All for five dollars. 

SUPER CHEESE from Missy!
She loved the candy cane.
She skipped her cookie in favor of the candy cane!
I was really trying for a cute photo of the kids.
I got this instead which is...
 And this... oh well, they are cute I swear!
Oh and Missy says Happy Holidays to all!
(I promise to try to take a picture of the picture with Santa.)
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