Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On the Second Day of Christmas...

This year, during our plague,
it took us a long bit to get into the holiday spirit. 
I am still a tad disappointed
in the outdoor lights in that K has not been
able to get on the roof to put up the majority of
them and the snow/wind/rain/ice does not seem
to want to let up so we have what we have.
SO this year our neighbors are spared! 

Next year barring the Whooping Cough
or whatever the hell we had
we will kill the lights, KILL 'EM!

What is lacking on the outside,
the inside is the best we have done yet. 
I love how everything turned out. 
The mantle has held steady the past year or two
I love it!
This bar area
(wet bar, what the hell do you call this area?)
changes every year. 
I usually add new stuff that we get
This year it is the funny tissue looking thing.
It is a wee vase from my boss.
The holidays are "heating up"
Get it?
Doesn't it look like it is on fire?
Eh well I do.
Holiday card holder: new and past
My "new" 50s carol book
Santa visits past
The tree!
By far and away, and I have a lot, my favorite ornament
Skating Snowman goes along with our ice rink :)
The tree with our NEW lights.
Yes, we finally bought crazy new LED lights,
the fancy kind where if one light goes out the string stays lighted.
I feel "wrapped" in the holiday glow finally.
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