Saturday, December 25, 2010

On the Twelfth day of Christmas...

I give to you Christmas!
Annual Reading of Twas The Night Before Christmas
Norad Santa Tracking
Snacks for Santa and the reindeer
The apple was specifically for Rudolph
who surely made the trip due to the weather! 
Our lights on Christmas Eve
in the snow!
Christmas Morning Tradition in front
of the Advent Calendar
The popular orange
Both kids screamed and yelled about these
Yet they only ate the candy!?
Missy was first in awe
then she danced around for a while
holding just the candy cane
then she moved on to a very lady like
present opening.
We would still be opening just the stocking
had K not stepped in!
Our morning would not have been complete
without some good ole sibling LOVE on Christmas morning
Ye Old Bow on the Head!
Self Portrait
(also I am heinous in the morning.)
Possibly her favorite gift:
Ladybug wellies
After all was said and down,
M Bug was just quiet
probably tired
possibly coming off a sugar high
he just sat and played silently
the rest of the morning...
he rallied, trust me, he rallied
He went sledding and ice skating in the backyard
and played upstairs and downstairs
and he ate and ate and ate and
watched some TV
and played some more!
Okay the baby gear and the Kayla doll
(which is an awesome all organic doll - SO COOL!) 
and the ladybug wellies and all of
M Bug's toys were awesome!
Santa's letter back to the kids
My stocking feet!
(which made me smile all morning long!)
In all of the Christmas morn excitement,  M Bug lost his 2nd tooth
in the night
while sleeping.
He said he swallowed it.
I had my doubts so I did a through check
and finally found the tooth
tucked in under his bed.
Yes, the tooth fairy already visited
and left him a dollar and a note
tonight.  Thanks for the reminder!
Missy says "I hope you had a very Merry Christmas Day too.  I did!"
Happy Happy Christmas to all!
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