Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Two is two is two

We FINALLY had Missy's two year appointment at the Ped last week.  It was TRICE cancelled.  No lie.

She is doing just fine.  The whole test you kid and see where they are on the chart in terms of age was humorous to us.  It always is.  Any who, the test your kid's age test said she is more like 3 years and four months old.  And I rolled my eyes because I wish we could tell the tantrum side of Missy this so she would tantrum less.  Which just makes me seem delusional because M Bug still throws fits from time to time and he is like 6 and half according to that stupid chart.

Whatevs.  I am doing this off memory so bear with me if I am wrong.  These numbers are based on her current age, not her 2 yr old age so they should be accurate.

Her cranium measured in the 90-95th percentile.  Holy giant cranium, yo.

Her weight was 30.5 lbs.  75th (ish) percentile.  Holy heavy kid.  I know.  Try hauling her up those dang stairs 2-3 times per day!

Her height: I cannot remember that number but I know for a fact she was in the 50th percentile.  I am hoping somewhere deep in her genetic coding she can pull a S****** and get SOME height from her Daddy's side of the family.  Or else SHE'S IN TROUBLE! 

So let us reflect on these numbers.  A big head, a well established "weight" and she's short.  To top it off she looks just like me/my Mom/my sister.  Upon reflecting... poor thing!   HA!

She is my little angel girl and she knows it! 

She is a smarty pants and I love that. 

She knows how to work the system and while it drives me batty I love that too.

She likes to count and mimic everything M Bug does and she dances and sings and shows off and giggles this crazy infectious giggle. 

She is my heart on my sleeve. 
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