Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wintry Wonderland

We had the most amazing fall.
And now?
We are being graced with
the MOST amazing winter too!
Pretty fluffy white snow fell
over the weekend
leaving the trees dusted with snow
like some holiday card.
Oh sure it is cold
and Missy let's us know
that the cold and being stuck inside stinks
by sticking her tongue
out about EVERYTHING
which means oh lucky us
winter time in the midst
But really YAY winter!
Total parenting win:
wee little kid sized shovels.
Hot cocoa from Starbucks.
Pretty cozy cold outdoor
lighting ceremonies downtown.
Finally tree decorating
and decking the halls
with too many lights
and ugly decor
(shhh let us not mention our tree lights that do not work.)
Firing up the fire place.
Little fun filled Amazon packages
at my doorstep.
Hugs and kisses
from cold lips and bright pink cheeks
after the kids
return from sledding
filled with glee and giggles!
Winter is worth the cold for all of this
and much, much more...
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