Friday, December 10, 2010

Xmas Party Time

Photos from our work party
Most are silly but I had fun taking the silly photos this year. 
I usually forget to take any
either silly or any of the people at the party
This year I have both
but why share photos of people you
do not care or know. 
Just the silly ones y'all!
Center pieces
from our recent
work holiday party
Beautiful hors d'oeuvres table
with treats from Feast 
These were actually my fav
Goat cheese and something else...
Very rich tasting so I could only eat one!
I actually forgot to take pictures of our meal
which makes me a bit sad.
Every year I forget one or two courses,
this year, salad and the main meal...
 But I did remember the glowing tree!
The tree at the local B&B 
with all of our gifties around it
Post dinner, post present opening, post party
This was my dessert plate
I nibbled from everything
but by the time dessert rolled around
I was rolling around from too much food
and drink so dessert had not appealing to me
or not as appealing as it should have been!
creme brulee cheesecake, a pear tart and a dark chocolate brownie
I wish I had this to eat NOW!!
This photo made me laugh.
I think I was drunkenly playing with my camera
and I was quite tired too.
It simply says this is the END
of the party for me...
The END.
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