Thursday, January 13, 2011

2010 Dorkalotapuss List

*Best Movie of 2010: Crazy Heart - Jeff Bridges was amazing, compelling and, while much of it was painful to watch due to the alcoholism, I was truly amazed by the acting in this movie and the story and the music muwaaa to the music!

Best TV Show (s) for 2010: Terriers, American Masters (PBS) and The New Sherlock Holmes (PBS) - Shut it.  I know I watch WAY too much public television.

Best music for 2010: Florence and the Machine, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Mumford & Sons, and my favorite of all was Eminem.

*Best Books for 2010: Olive Kitteridge and The Hunger Games series

*Admittedly I did not see many movies and I did not read many books.  I actually just started reading a lot toward the end of the year and we go through watching movies in huge fits and spurts. Music and TV were
definitely my thang in 2010!!

** I need stop writing these posts at midnight!  The English language should not be abused in the ways I do.  I amended this list drastically thankfully when I work up I realized how pretentious most of it sounded!
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