Friday, January 7, 2011


After the better part of two weeks off,
I am still amazed that we are calling the
first week of 2011 done. 
Today, I was so confuzzled about what day it actually was
all day thinking
it was Thursday from the moment I woke
up until well past the time I went to pick
M Bug up from school.  Odd.

Any who, moving on. 
Missy, oh sweet Missy, is growing up.
She is in the midst of potty training
and oh I know putting this out there is like an evil jinx
but she is doing well.
There are moments, set backs that are mainly our fault.

Then about a month ago, we tried to move
her from her crib to her toddler bed.
And that did not go well.
I keep reminding myself that she will
not be in a crib or diapers when she heads
off to college, right?
RIGHT, is my answer.
The reason for this change:
She was destroying her crib.
She was chewing & gnawing on it.
I was horrified and sad.
M Bug did not do this. 
He did, once but it was sort of a sweet
memory of his little teeth
in what will be the foot board.
That is long gone since Missy has been in the crib.

I never even considered this as an issue when
forked over a lot of money for this convertible bed.
I know I can fix the crib by sanding it a bit
and some poly but still...
I was sad.

SO we thought she needed to get out.
TWO nights in a row we took the front off
and she seemed to love it the first night.
M Bug hopped in there to read with her
and she was giddy with happiness.
Then it came time to go to sleep in there.
She wailed and wailed and wailed...
SO we put the front of her bed back on.

Same thing the next night.
She likes the idea of hanging with her bro
in the bed reading but actually losing
the comfort of her crib is just too awful to imagine.

We are back to the crib for now. 
I am giving it a few more months
maybe once she is more fully potty trained.
I think too much was happening at once
what with the potty training
and her obvious distrust (nee hatred)
of both Ralph The Elf AND Santa Claus
(who totally haunts her, I swear to you.)

Of course, K tried to get rid of her little booster
seat over the break and she totally shrieked at him.
"Where my high chair at Daddddy?"
College college college!
The Big First NIGHT!
We can stamp this one with a big OLE parenting FAIL.
I call this one... the truth about sibling love ;)!
I call this one the LIE about sibling love!!
Missy's all
"hey if I am going to be in this stupid bed,
you SO cannot stuck your stinkin' thumb dude!"
No they really like each other.
I swear.
Also, I just thought of something.
I should bribe her with new sheets
the next time the Pottery Barn Kids catalog comes!
What's that?
Why yes, yes she is wearing her brother's pajamas.
M Bug says "Ma forgit about it. 
She lurves her crib and she will never ever sleep in a real bed.
Or sit in a real chair without a booster
Or not wear a shirt backwards. 
Just git over it LADY."
Missy totally thinks M Bug's funny
and she is saying
"oh M Bug that is not true.
I wear my shirt the right way ALL the time.
Mom makes me..."

Two... killing me slowly one crib change over at a time!
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