Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Future?

Missy has this recent thing...game...
I do not know what to call it.
She loves it though.
I like to call this advanced bag lady.
Or Octo-Missy!
She likes to lovingly haul
all of her dolls and her purse,
which is really just a metal lunchbox. 
Shh do not tell her this.
It is filled with "money" that she hoards
for herself and talks about way more
then she probably ought to.
She will even knock M Bug down to keep it!
She stuffs everything in that shopping cart
and carries the baby on her chest along
with the baby in the carrier and her "money" box.
Quite possibly there is a dog house filled
with dogs in there too...
It is hysterical.
Look at poor baby Stella suck up in there
in her high chair.
Poor Stella has little to no dignity as
Missy only allows her to wear
a lady bug costume these days.
Then again Fairy Baby Kayla is being crushed
by the metal lunch box. 
I am not sure who got the raw deal here. 
Quite possibly the poor nameless baby she is clutching to her chest!
Then she says
"look at me Momma, lookita me?
Take a picture!!"
You know with my pretend camera.
I pretend I have a fancy DSLR Nikon
that I dream about at night 
with some kind of super cool lens on it.
Ah but that is my fantasy,
this one is hers!
She was happy with me taking fake pictures
for awhile
then she would come over to view the pretend photo.
"Lemme see, lemme see pik-ture Momma!"
Then she grew tired of fake pik-tures
and demanded real ones.
I had to comply,
I mean won't advanced bag lady
one day embarrass her.
That makes it worth it!
Look she's cute
and I cannot help
but comply to her demands.
Plus she does this for hours happily
without complaint
or anger.
At 2 (ish), that is more than any parent can ask for.
Can you read that poor
nameless baby's eyes?
He's saying SEND HELP... NOOOOOOW!
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