Saturday, January 1, 2011

Growing Pains

And I am not talking about the awesome 80's show. 

M Bug has had growing pains off and on since he was around the age of three years old.  He would scream and yell about being in pain and holy crap that is scary when your three old is yelling about throbbing pain behind his knees at three in the morning... well at least the first time it happens!  M Bug has had every classic growing pain symptom there is. 

Apparently, after much research, these pains can be experienced to the level of intensity that he has had in about 30% of the population.  How they get that number, I do not know.  At any rate, it kind of sucks because there is not much we can do to relieve the pain.  This past week we have been playing really hard.  Out on the ice rink and yesterday the weather here was amazing so the day was spent entirely outside running and jumping and biking, being a fireman and rescuing his sister and later chasing Phoebe, the daughter of the couple who had dinner with us, up and down the stairs till they were both so tired they just fell over (Phoebe's nine.)  After they left, M Bug sobbed about the throbbing pain.  The night before it was the throbbing pain and a headache.  Today he said his legs were also throbbing and cried about the pain. 

We usually massage the areas that hurt.  These painful areas are almost always the backs of his knees, his hips/thighs (this is hard area for M Bug to narrow down for us, it just hurts all over) and his ankles (which I suspect really means his calves but he does not technically know the word for that area or enough to use it in the right context.)  The headache was a new twist and kind of scared me but again good old Doctor Google says headaches can come with this territory.  We actually gave him some Tylenol for the headache which turns out to be the right thing to do so go us.  We also regularly give him a heating pad for these areas. 

His pain has generally happened at night after an especially taxing day of playing and running so I do not think I am concerned.  I remember regular bouts of growing pains.  I can remember rolling up in a ball under my covers and oddly on the landing on our staircase in California in pain that struck the back of knees regularly.  M Bug did hit another growth spurt and just recently outgrew size 6/7 clothing.  Essentially he is in a boy's Medium size.  Plus I am fairly certain he is now out of the size 13 shoes and into 1 (OMG) but the difference between 13 and 1 is fairly minimal so we are just hoping he can hang on to the 13 shoes until the spring/summer when we get him some new summer time shoes. 

At any rate, some of the reason I am writing this down is because I think the intensity of his pain is a bit scary for me and that today he had the pain in the morning which is unusual both as far as the pain goes from him as well as what Dr. Google says about this pain.  He also told me he "hates" school both because he's bored (aww lawdy help me) but also because sitting so much hurts his legs.  All of this makes me feel slightly worried for him.  I know he will be fine and it is my job as his Mommy to worry and be concerned. 

Anyone else with growing pain memories or kids who have had them?  Thoughts, experiences?  Helpful tips?!
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