Friday, January 21, 2011


It is cold today.  And snowy outside.  This morning there was sunshine even in the cold as we walked toward the library doors I slowed down a bit to enjoy it.  SUN. 

January closely followed by February are my two least favorite months out of the year.  They drag on.  I get into a slump.  A funk.  I shop online more.  I hibernate.  I want to sleep as much as possible.  I gain weight seemingly without even trying despite almost always eating less food in those months.

We have had more snow here then in past years.  It makes things pretty at first.  Then dirty.  I sweep and mop and sweep and mop and the dust builds up and I itch to throw open the windows.

I find myself willing away the days so I can get to night time and to reading snuggled under the covers and eventually sleep, warm cuddly dreamless sleep.  Or making warm homebaked cookies to share with my honey and a glass of wine. 

This time of year it feels like extra work to remember to enjoy all of the moments, big and small.  I am trying  to do this more like these lovely moments from last week...

I know spring will follow all of these wonderful moments quickly. 
And before I know it March and April and spring and birthdays (34 and 6 respectively) and the park and hikes and running outdoors and no more sockies or boots or jackets to contend with. 

I am living for the moments I have now with hope for future warmer moments when we get outside and be done with this burrowing cold winter.
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