Monday, January 31, 2011

House Move

Oh not really y'all we are in this house to stay (for a very very very long time) but the past four months or so we have essentially redone the house, furniture wise.

The basement room which serves multiple purposes was finally completed around November when my Mom came to visit.  Well, minus that the flippin' huge ass hockey jersey frame that still sits on our floor despite my best efforts to get K to hang it.  Oh well.  This room was by far my most favorite room.  It is an office/guest/workout space but it is effortless.  When you look in there is appears to simply be a guest room with some workout stuff in there.  The office stuff has been hidden and I just love this space.

I redid the basement in that I did away with the picture hanging lines that were neat in theory but frustrated me to no end.  We bought four cork boards at IKEA that I think I am going to paint this summer but for now just hang as they are where the lines used to be.  We added two new shelves on either side of the fireplace.  We created a kitchen/baby station, a train/drawing table station, a reading station and a station with all of the other crap that has no place for a station.  We moved the bookshelf out of M Bug's room and down into the basement so the matching set are there side by side giving us about a thousand times more storage for books and what not down there.  We gave away the microwave to one of the college students in our office thus creating even more storage space for papers and learning stuff. 

The most important and sacred part about the basement stayed the same - the space to play in.  The space to play football, cops and robbers, hockey, golf, the space to wrestle and jump and dance and run.  We thought about moving the couch set from upstairs down and getting a new one but again we came back to that space being just that space for the kids.  One of the reasons we most wanted this house.

M Bug's new furniture arrived on Saturday and essentially we moved the entire contents of his room and Missy's room.  Crazy.  I was pooped by the end of the weekend.  We moved M Bug's book shelf/toy chest out of his room and into Missy's room.  A few weeks back we bought Missy a night stand and three drawer dresser to match essentially the bookshelf and her bed. 

In other developments, Missy has been sleeping in her toddler bed for two weeks now!!!

Her room was fairly simple in some ways.  We moved all of her clothes that were living in bins in the closet to the dresser and toys went into those bins.  The night stand is empty for right now.  She definitely has a ton of room to grow in there.  She did inherit many of M Bug's books due to the lack of book shelves in his room.  We did send about half the books to the basement which was always my intention to have more books down.  I also did something I always wished I had done for M Bug - I put in bins in the toy bin part of the bookshelf.  M Bug could never find toys in there.  Now it easier to put stuff in and get it out! 

Her room feels more spacious too.  She and I went to Target today and got her a new hamper and K and a friend hauled the change table (**SOB**) to Goodwill on Saturday afternoon.  Thankfully we worked out so I did not need to take any pictures down and the only thing I had to do was move the wall decals from wall to another which I always wished I did with those anyway!

M Bug's room is now my most favorite room in the house.  It is awesome.  It is like a boy's room.  No more mishmash, no more random junk.  YAY!  At first we were going to do bunk beds or a trundle bed and I really fell in love with a loft bed but I was sitting at this desk in the store looking around at the options when I noticed the desk I was sitting it.  It was perfect.  It was a perfect boy's room desk.  A desk that he could grow into and the coloring was lovely.  Everything is a dark wood that goes beautifully with his blue walls and the white trim as well as the existing frames (that are white and black too.) 

He now has a desk and chair, a five draw dresser, a night stand and a head/foot/rails that match!  We also bought some shelves for his room as the desk did not have a hutch like we thought we wanted.  What we decided was the hutch was not all that.  The shelves we bought from IKEA and look like they came with the set!  M Bug and I went through his whole room and he was so great.  He let a lot of stuff go out of the room to the basement for the general playing public.  We put a ton of books in his closet and on the shelves above his desk.  He too has plenty of room to grow into space wise.  Mostly I walk by his room and it is nothing like it used to be with the new comforter cover and furniture and it is just amazing how new and exciting it looks!

This whole shift of our house made me realize how much ever loving crap we have.  I am on a restriction after today.  No more junk.  How many monster trucks/cars does one kid need?!  Indeed, not many more in opinion.

M Bug loves his room.  No less then a dozen times he told us how much he loves his room.  He loves having a headboard to lean again and read.  He loves being able to now turn on and off a little lamp next to bed (IKEA!) and put on his own CDs to listen to at night before bed.  He loves his desk and he can now find toys previously lost.

Next up: we installing a storm door this summer and we are planning to paint the basement this summer. I am hoping to buy some of those huge ass wall decals to decorate a bit more in the basement too.  Oy we totally need a new deck but it will have to wait another year.  One thing at time!
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