Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Angels

On Friday night, pretty white flakes
started to fall.
For M Bug, he was more excited
about this snow possibly then
Christmas morning.
He would not go to sleep
on Friday night
and he was up at 6:03am
poking at the blinds in our room
loudly announcing SNOW,
sweet white snow.
He was in heaven.
By the time, Missy woke up
at 8:00am
he was besides himself
dancing and singing
and stuffing his Saturday
morning pancakes into his
mouth as fast as he could.
Snow Ninja M Bug
Nee the Snow Angel Maker
Snow Ninja Missy?
Snow Angel Maker # 2
(only M Bug destroyed hers so alas no photo)
Cotton tree, part un
We went out to shovel the snow.
Skate in the snow.
Dance and sing in the snow.
Make snow angels.
Slip and slide in the snow.
We went sledding
and when I say we I mean they...
I stayed inside for some of this!
As it should be!
We had a gigantic snowball fight today
that was so much fun
I felt like I was nine all over again!

It was a lovely snow because it snowed
and then the sun came out.
Shiny and pretty
and mostly quickly melting it!!
Enough snow to have fun but not
enough to make us all miserable
and when I saw US I mean me,
you know.
Racing for the hill.
I love that M Bug looks back.
He was really checking to make sure Missy was okay,
that she did not fall down
but also to make sure he got to go down the hill first.
Kid's got priorities.
More of the cotton tree...
it was such pretty snow.
The kids first tromping out into the back yard
like Calvin and Hobbes,
leaving their mark in the freshly fallen snow.
It was so cute.

On Sunday, we woke up to frost.
Once the sun was up, it was the like the whole
world was made of crystal.
It was breathtaking.
'Coming in is NOT an option MOOOOM.'

C-c-c-old was sort of like a song Missy sang all weekend long.
She desperately wants to stay out in the snow
with "the boys" but she gets so cold so fast
she is miserable and crying and mad.
Even with the lure of hot cocoa, mini marshmallows, & Hershey's kisses
she still manages a fit EVERY time!
K in his element!
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