Monday, January 3, 2011

The Tale of Tails

I always think of these fabulous things
to write about on here.
(Especially at fucking 2:00am
when I cannot sleep
which lately is EVERY FUCKING NIGHT
but that is totally not up for discussion
So moving on...)
Things I want to share.
Thoughts I have about my life, our lives:
past, present and future.
Then I never do...
Partly because the kids
are effing funny.
Okay, okay,
Missy at two may very well kill me
and I really truly thought after M Bug
being the first I could survive anything
but Missy?! 
Oh my frack.
Any who, she is funny still.
And M Bug totally uses his
powers for good
most of the time
like the time recently when
she pitched the mother of all fits
(45 minutes of back arching screaming
for K no less
and M Bug got her to stop freaking out.
And she looked at him between her tears 
and laughed her arse off at him.
The End.
Okay not really,
Missy adores him
at a level that I cannot
conceive of in my life
when I think about my own siblings.
Every photo I take of these two
just makes me laugh my arse off.
And so I post photos
rather then RAMBLE on
you know like I am doing right now!
Missy Cheese is Funny.
She just does this, this smile, that makes
me laugh every time I see it!
Look for 2011 they grew tails!
This cracks them UP.
EVERY time.
And they are pretty cute from this side too.
These faces, oh how they fuel me,
propel me forward me,
make me better.
GAWD I love them.
Yes even Missy at two. 
Eventually she will be 2.5 or 3 or 5, right?!
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