Thursday, February 24, 2011

Basement Room

I've mentioned the basement room now that has been mostly finished
is one of my favorites.
This morning I found myself home again
The light was really pretty in there
so I grabbed the camera.
Repurposed Shop-Ko chair
in front of the computer armoire.
Also, the picture that has never been framed
from last year's photo session
when M Bug was five
Missy was just going to turn two.

Ikea Shelf
At first, we did not like it.
Then I discovered it fit perfectly under the window.
Now it is my favorite
with some of my best loved books living on it.
My parents took us to Disney World
in 1976.
She is from that year.
My Mom gave her to me
the last time I visited Seattle.
She lives in this room
and she makes me smile.
I love how she is a bit chipped.
I do not feel like they make products like
this any more when we go to Disney World.
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