Thursday, February 17, 2011

Deep Thoughts By Jack Handey*

Recent questions asked by M Bug:
Driving down the road to school, I said ‘SO Ashley is still pregnant.”
M Bug said “you know Mommy I have been thinking about this for a long time, since Missy was born. Where DO babies come OUT anyway? Do they come out of your butt or what?”

During dinner last night, randomly, M Bug very studiously asked, “Why is our pee yellow anyway?”

Driving to basketball practice the other night, M Bug asked, “What causes Cancer Mommy?”

The only one I could really answer knowledgeably was the pee one and I could touch on the surface of the Cancer one but DOOODE where does the baby come out question I spluttered and giggled and tried different tactics to change the topic and finally I just said 'there is special place that women have and men do not to help get the baby out'. Then I said 'LOOK SPIDER-MAN IS CLIMBING UP THAT BIG SHINY BUILDING OVER THERE'.  Also, we arrived at school THANK GAWD!
Seriously, I think five (ekk soon to be six) is like my most favorite age to date. These questions totally rock.

M Bug is a spark plug and it is so much fun to listen to him, to see him think and learn. It is just a pleasure to be around him just about 24/7.

The way he is in the greater world is amazing to me.  The other day at his class Valentine party one boy hit another boy's hand, the hand that was holding a candy ring.  The ring fell to the ground and broke and the boy started crying his eyes out with everyone just looking at him.  M Bug raced over to his goodie bag without a thought, grabbed one of his candy rings and gave it to the boy whose ring broke smiling the whole time and telling the crying boy it would be all right.

He cheers for other kids no matter what.  He is sweet and kind and, even in his worst moments, he is a good boy.  I have no fears for M Bug like I thought I might at this age because he is a good kid.  It helps me to know he is kind and sweet, it helps me let go, it helps me let him grow up into the boy I know he is and will be.

FIVE ROCKS! Even when he asks me how the baby comes out...

* From one of my all time favorite 90s SNL skits!!!
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