Friday, February 25, 2011

Good To The Last Drop

in the latest Crate and Barrel.
While I love C&B,
$999, really? 
We are simple folk.
Just the seven year old Cuisinart
and whatever the cheapest largest
bucket of ground coffee we can find.
Sometimes I get a wild hair and
we actually buy whole bean fancy pants coffee
and grind our own.
But mostly we just enjoy the cheap stuff.
Or as I like to say get the caffeine
to my brain in the
fastest, hottest way possible!
Also, my favorite coffee mug
with the usual straw...
My bestie, and a Dental Hygienist, 
Christine turned me on
to drinking the dark stuff
with a straw years ago.
I can hardly stand not to use a straw now.
One thing I ponder often:
How people survive
without drinking coffee?
It is gift from heaven, I tell you!
Seriously though who needs
a $999 coffee maker in their kitchen?!
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