Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Sad Milestones

The past few weeks there have been a lot of changes in our house.

I took the last of M Bug's 5T clothing out of his closet as well as a size he seemed to skip entirely, XS.  He is entirely in boy's small or medium depending on the brand. 

Missy's crib turned into a toddler bed.

I got rid of most of the baby toys for the most part.

In Missy closet we are slowly but surely working out the 24 month and 2T stuff.  It has been too small for some a long time but denial ain't just a river... you know the saying.  Do not tell M Bug I said ain't.  He is NOT allowed to say it after bringing THAT gem home from school recently.  Missy is entirely in 3T-4T brand dependent.

Missy is SO close to being out of pull-ups we bought cute little training undies for her.

Missy finally got her own helmet and likely will get her own big girl bike soon.

I took the frozen teethers out of the freezer.  I kind of forgot about them even though they were in plain sight. I gave them away.  M Bug bought them with his own money for Missy when he was 3.5 yrs old without anyone telling he had to, he just wanted to.  I have no idea why but those teethers made me sad.

I threw away some ancient pacifiers I found lodged in a cup in cupboard.  I still have the pacifier clip that we bought at Disney World because she kept losing the pacifiers at every park we went too.  I am not sure what to do with that but I cannot stand to give or throw it away.

Finally, today, we swapped out Missy's hulking five point car seat for a booster seat.  She is happier and we are happier but that is a milestone.  All happy sad mile stones.

Still to go, the booster seat at the table that SHE refuses to give up much to K's chagrin.  Really that is it.  It feels so momentous around this house.  I am saying good bye to babyhood for good.  I have always been okay with that.

It is not going to stop me from holding every baby I find.  Also, if you see me in the baby section at the local CVS, I may or may not be taking deep breathes of that baby scent... for the rest of my life.  Oh baby.
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