Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Shaker

ANDDDD shaking off that last post... Odds and Ends.

I am really into these jewel tone blues and greens and oddly I am kind of obsessed with yellows and how they all fit together.  Also, where I can find such colors and items in this town.  Stupid fashion blogs!

I went back to Target to get Missy these cute stripped grey & yellow pants and they were all out of her size. I am kicking myself because the previous week I had them in my cart and ditched them thinking I would just buy them later.  Our Target sucks hiney then again I am grateful for it as there are so few decent places to shop here in town.  Double edged sword.

I found a cute purple colored purse that I feel I must have. I am hoping it is still at the store when I go back. I had that in my hand but put it back too. Knowing my luck it will be gone. This putting stuff back the racks/shelves is a good thing for my pocket book but for the I want it quotant. That I have no money mentality has probably saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years!
I am thinking a road trip is in order.  I am dying to go to H&M.  I have gained a shit ton of weight since the holidays.  Stress eating is new for me so YAY six pounds in eight weeks.  I feel like shit right now.  I have zero motivation.  I am tired.  Bah.  If I can get back down to better weight the H&M trip will be a treat!

I am thinking about trying to swim as my exercise.  I have everything all set to swim now I just need to get motivated to get there at night and think about little workouts I can do.  I have those in mind actually.  Mainly it is just the act of getting my fat rump to the pool. 

I bought the Power Issue of Vogue simply because GaGa is on the cover with pink hair and purple lipstick. GaGa is just fun, that is all there is to it.

New fun happy music to listen to: April Smith and the Great Picture Show.  Try Movie Loves A Screen.  FUN!

Also, Amos Lee's new album.  Loving the song Windows Rolled Down.  Makes me think of spring and summer!
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