Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spot The Dog

This is Spot.
Spot say Hi to the bloggy world.
Also, scary EXCITED M Bug face!
Spot is M Bug's class "pet".
I have to admit... it is kind of weird
but bear with me here.
M Bug's teacher is not a neat woman.
If she had rats like the other classroom
across the way I would be afraid...
That is what a mess that classroom is.
I also fully believe that is why all
20 of those kids L-O-V-E her.
She is a tad like them in the cleaning department!
Missy on the other hand?
Spot all over
the entire time he was visiting our house!
M Bug loved Spot too
he did a great job of caring for him
for exactly two days.
Then he kind of lost interest in poor Spot.

I cannot blame M Bug for losing interest in Spot.
Spot visited our house during the ice storm.
We were all a little antsy.
I did make sure that M Bug took
the minimum care of Spot
so we could write our story
in the notebook of our week with Spot.
Here is spot helping with some snow day art work.
Spot did have some fun.
He went to basketball practice
and the games,
a drive around town
and a trip to Starbucks,
he got to watch The Legend of the Guardians
as well as many other "snow day shows"!
He played with Olivia the neighbor,
He went to a sleep over
and a Super Bowl party.

We were looking forward
to completing our Spot week...
only to find out we had a chance to
spend a second full week with Spot.
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