Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ten Fingers and Ten Toes

It's been a long time since I thought about her toes.
Her little baby toes are gone.
Replaced by big girl toes
that she tucks under her to work.
They are busy active little tootsies.
Size 8 toes.
Then there are her fingers.
I was surprised by these the other day.
Still so baby like in some ways
with little dimples and sort of chubby.
Yet these are not the hands of a baby,
these hands are agile.
And very, very busy!
All of her together,
she is all girl.
She loves her baby dolls.
She changes her socks two or three times a day.
She changes her clothes sometimes that many times too.
She dances and sings.
She works in her kitchen area.
She is sweet and motherly
tending to all of us.
"Calm down Mommy" when I get upset
or she will lay out M Bug's toothbrush
complete with toothpaste, his flosser
and a glass of water.
She is oh so sweet.
My Missy May.
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