Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We Love That Basketball*

Kobi move over.  Here comes M Bug.
The Line Up - they are 3-0!
Apparently, he takes direction well!
The Bench
Taking A Knee
His little buddy L
told his Momma that he and M Bug are
the only ones on their
team who know how to take a knee. HA.
This picture really says it all.
M Bug has done a lot of sports/activities
over the past couple of years:
Soccer, T-Ball, Swimming, Gymnastics...
He loves Basketball.
He wants to go to practice.
He wants to stay late after practice
to practice more.
He plays at home and in his dreams.
He loves the games.
He likes his teammates.
He has caught Basketball FEVER.
I have to admit I was unsure...
but because of the look on that face above,
I love it too!

*Lil Bow Wow's Basketball (good lawd help me...)
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