Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Great Wolf Lodgin' It

Sickly girl Sleeping
I cannot remember exactly why he was
making that face but it had to do with
playing cops and robbers with
his new Lego guys.
A little wolf in the bunk bed area!
Cutie Wolfie
Howlin' (like wolves!)
She really was super sick, I swear.
Missy loved Violet.
No fear.
At this age,
M Bug would not even look at characters like this.
In fact, he still won't look at them!?
Missy wanted to hang out with her
and cried when she left!!!
M Bug looking so big to me
You cannot see what Missy is holding here
but both kids
opted for these bears that
when you squeeze them?
They poop goo out their butts.
Wolves in Profile
Bye Bye Great Wolf Lodge!
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