Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Blogger Bloggity Blog!

Hey now, I started to blog on this day in March 2007!
It was another blog
definitely a different time.
We have lost loved ones and friends.
We have grown and changed.
Looking back proves life is not stagnant!

When I started blogging in 2007,
M Bug was barely two!
M Bug seemed to become this
And that is just from the old blog!

I appreciate going back to the past years
to see how much the faces have changed.
To see what I was thinking or writing at that time.
My blog has mostly been for my own consumption,
Not for my family
(or least none that I know of read this!)
I see so many people write that.
A way to stay in touch and keep up with family.
But I wanted more.
I wanted a journal, a book,
a place to say my thoughts mostly unfiltered.
Some times I rambled.
Some times there were just photos.
Some times I was sad or happy.
Some times there were things I felt
passionately about then
but now?  Not so much!
Some times I was mad or
I needed a place to knock my own ego
down a notch!
But mostly I am grateful I kept blogging
all these years
as a way to look back.

I read blogs long before I started one.
My friend, Jennifer, had one that I kept
up on for a long while.
I started reading more blogs around the time
M Bug was born in 2005.
I was surprised I had been
missing out on that world
all those years.
I was doing it the old fashioned way before that!
Writing with a pen in a notebook.
Blogging is easier and more fun!
And those early blogs that
I discovered saved me.
I was felt alone
like I was floating
in an ocean without a raft
before I happened on some
amazing blogs.
Some of those I still read.
Many I do not.
Mostly they helped me at the time.
My tastes and needs have changed.

I am grateful that I have kept track
of the good, bad and otherwise here.
I think if I were fake I would pretend
there was nothing bad that ever happened.
I am glad that I can look back and see
that there have been good and great
and terrible and sad moments.

My kids can see that too.
I never write anything I
would not want my kids to see.
That is the gauge I use.
They are living it too.
I cannot sugar coat life.
I cannot pretend there are not
bad moments for me or
rough times with them.
I cannot pretend that I do not
use bad language
I am not perfect.
It is there for them to read
because that is life.

I cannot believe four years have passed by.

And yet, here page after page, proves
that it has.
For that,
I am immensely grateful.

I am looking forward to
the next year or four!
Imagine that? 
In four more years,
M Bug will be TEN,
Missy will be SEVEN,
and I will be into
the next decade of my life!
Cheers to four more years
of bloggity blogging!
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