Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lego Land

We are definitely Lego people.
We have a million different Lego sets.
Small, Medium, & Large.
We've tried other sets
with mixed results:
Mega Bloks and Playmobil and K'Nex.
Lincoln Logs come and go in popularity.
But Legos are here to stay in our house!
We have indoctrinated Missy
into this Lego obsession.
M Bug and K and I have been building
these tall ones for years.
I can still picture M Bug's face
when his Daddy would put the top
blocks on and how tall it must have
seemed to him when he was 2 and 3.
We decided to carry this tradition
on for Missy.
She was equally as amazed.
She was jumping up and down
running around the table
yelling and giggling.
Loving every moment of it.
She especially like the
"knock down" crash!
Favorite Lego set right now:
Flippin' hysterical!
I have big plans to blow their minds
at the Lego Store in OH.
I might be the most excited about this!
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