Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Breakin'

Last week was spring break for M Bug.  Our boss bought us a trip to Great Wolf Lodge as a present both to us and to M Bug for his sixth birthday present.  Something I mentioned to him in passing then regretted due the cost of GWL.  I was super excited to go, get away, YAY road trip. 

Then Missy started coughing.  Needless to say, the weekend was not what I expected.  We overslept a bit which was okay but we still had a time frame we wanted to stick too.  Oh well.  Alas, a mere 20 minutes out of town, Missy threw up, all over herself.  K said 'that red barn will forever be the throw up barn.'  Missy was clearly hot but she totally rallied. We stopped at a CVS and bought some medicine and a barf bucket.  We made it to Cincinnati without incident. 

We stopped at the "nice" mall and ate lunch.  The kids lurved the Lego store (one opening in Indy SOON!) They both got some fun treats and off we went to GWL.  We got there and found out that because our boss paid for the trip we needed her to be present to check in or fill out some form.  Of course, I had the sheet of paper that said this but neither K nor I saw this in the weeks we have had that stupid piece of paper.  I called our office but she was not in.  Desperately, I got one of our co-workers to fake the paper work and fax it back.  We finally got into our room... which smelled of cigarette smoke.  Like the bottom of ashtray.  It was nasty.  So we called the front desk.  They promptly moved us to another room which was in a way better location but that room? Smelled too.  Apparently we figured out that the fridge was unplugged and so we spent our weekend in a room that smelled like mold.  We tried everything to air it out to no avail.  FUNKY. 

So we got geared up in our swim suits and off we went.  Total blast.  Missy is such a daredevil and howled that she was not tall enough to go on the big slides meanwhile M Bug ripped off the green band he was granted because he was TOO SCARED to go on those same rides?!  Kids.  We ate supper at the hotel, buffet, it was fine if not overpriced.  We could tell Missy was tired and not feeling very well.  I took M Bug to play MagiQuest.  This is an awesome wand game thing.  M Bug played this from 4 until 11pm that night!!!  OMG, he was obsessed.  I even offered to take him back to the water park and he almost shouted NO at me! 

After M Bug went to sleep, we had just laid down when Missy woke up and, you guessed it, barfed again.  This time she was on fire and miserable.  I ended up sitting up just watching her breath. I was so scared.  Not at any point in my entire time as a parent other then when they were newborns, was I ever so scared of kids sleeping.  I am quite certain I need to stop reading blogs about parents who have lost children to respiratory illnesses.

We all ended up sleeping in till almost 8:45am.  We got up and used one of our breakfast coupons for the buffet.  That did not go that well.  Missy was clearly hot, not feeling well and barely ate.  M Bug only wanted to do MagiQuest.  I honestly cannot remember much about Saturday.  I went to the Cub Club with Missy for a few hours while K too M Bug into the water park.  Missy loved the Cub Club.  It is like a two year old's dream world, or at least my two year old's dream world.  A kitchen, a play house, babies and baby gear, a puppet show area, coloring stuff, a TV with cartoons on it, puzzles, books, and a computer.  K and I switched kids after lunch (which at the bar place and by far the best meal we had at GWL) and I took M Bug to do MagiQuest.  K spent some time with Missy in the gigantic arcade.  He came to find out us later though.  She was hot and not happy and I was just feeling terrible that she felt so bad. 

So K took Missy to the Urgent Care Clinic.  It it a bit unclear but the doctor said she thought Missy had a double ear infection and probably a virus or something along those lines.  Poor girl.  We have no idea how high her fever actually was because we were dosing her with medicine and she had some before she went to the doctor (only 99 at that time) but I am fairly certainly she was running in the 102-103 range.  After getting some medicine and seeing the doctor, she seemed to perk up.  Her fever was seemingly gone and she was not coughing any more.  We ordered a pizza and we all hit the water park again for a couple of hours.  After the water park, we all showered and the kids put on their jammies.  Then we hit the arcade again.  Missy loved the arcade too.  She had no idea what she was doing 98 per cent of the time but she loved it!  We took the kids back to the room around 9:00p to put Missy to bed.  Then K and M Bug went back out to run around the arcade some more and K got a couple of beers for us to enjoy with our March Madness watching.  M Bug loved that he got to stay up to watch the game until 11:00p.  Of course, we were thinking Missy would sleep better since the cough medicine was helping and the antibiotic would surely help her quickly.  This was not so.  I slept maybe an hour or two again.  She was hot and feverish all night long.  I was yet again freaked out by her breathing and fever.

The next morning we had planned to just eat a Starbucks breakfast, get M Bug to the Master Magi status on MagiQuest and head out to Ikea.  We did just that.  We had no big plans for Ikea other then we like to go!  Of course, Missy was not herself but we figured she would be okay.  As we made our way through Ikea we realized she was getting worse and worse.  We got lunch there which she did not eat and she was HOT.  Scary hot.  We decided on what we wanted to get and got out of there. 

The moment we got on the road, Missy went to sleep.  But she woke up screaming.  Then she would fall back to sleep only to wake up screaming every 10-20 minutes.  At one point going 75 mph she was screaming and crying and saying how tight her belt was so she undid her seat belt!  I was freaking out and K was freaking out and M Bug was looking like deer in headlights.  Stuck with no where to go.  I jumped in the backseat with them.  I hugged and cuddled her.  She went back to sleep and when she woke up she was sweating.  I pretty sure that was when her fever finally broke.  She had a snack and water, oy the water I pushed on that kid all weekend.  We finally made it home.

I think M Bug had a blast and Missy being Missy actually had a totally great time.  She is just that kind of kid.  Me, I was bushed.  I was a wreck today, definitely not my finest parenting moments this weekend and today.  Missy did not sleep well last night again and in my defense and I was already sleeping poorly before that (four hours a night maybe?) 

Oh and get this not to mention how bad the poor girl felt, first thing she did when we got in the hotel room?  SHE GAVE HERSELF A BLACK EYE FLUSHING THE TOILET! 

In all, the GWL is a little overpriced but it was a neat experience.  I would definitely wait for my kids to be older to go again.  I was amazed at the amount of money things cost and how long people could spend in the water park area.  We would definitely not eat on site the next time as much and we would bring more of our own food.  We definitely loved MagiQuest!  Totally great even if it was pricey.  We said it would be a lot more fun for the kids if there were other kids there that they knew (ie: go with friends next time.)  Finally, we kept comparing it to Disney World!  Oh Cub Club totally great idea but kind of a scheme in that most people are there to make t-shirt then leave with Paw pass thingie.  I had a different vision of it and maybe when the resort is busier it is more like what I thought it would be. 

I guess if Missy had not been so sick I would have had a better over all feeling about it all but I think her being so sick just overshadowed things a bit for me. 
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