Sunday, March 6, 2011

Three Lost Teeth, Three Lost Teeth

M Bug says "I lost Toofie Number Three!"
Scary close up teeth
If you are into teeth or something,
he totally grinds his teeth.
The Dentist keeps telling us not to worry... yet.
Missy was excited too!
Both kids would not sleep tonight
after M Bug YANKED his 3rd tooth out.
They wanted to stay up
to "see" the tooth fairy.
Matthew thinks she is little
like Tinkerbell!
He may be disappointed
to find out she is rather
tallish and hairy
and well a dude.

M Bug actually passed out
fairly quickly.
It was a long (great) weekend.*
K had to take Missy in the car
"for a drive"
to get her to sleep.

*The long weekend included
Missy's swim class
M Bug's basketball game (they won!)
A movie - Gnomeo and Juliet
A dinner out to Sweet Grass
The outlet mall
A play date
Basketball in the front yard
The 3rd lost tooth!
I now need a break from
my weekend.
Hope your weekend
was as fun as ours!
Happy Monday!!
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