Sunday, April 10, 2011


Dandelions are in full effect in these here parts.
Missy is my one woman dandelion picking crew.
She squeals and shrieks with happiness
every time she sees one.
I actually had to take action
on our walk on Friday.
I told her I would pick just a few dandelions
for her but I could not possibly pick ALL of them.
She literally wanted EVERY one of them!
Caught YELLOW handed!
I vividly remember picking
buttercup flowers for my mom
in the sunshine of early spring 
in our yard in upstate NY
when I was maybe 3 or 4.
I remember her tickling my chin
with them.
She seemed thrilled by every buttercup
I brought to her.
I love this memory.
I am thrilled by every dandelion she brings me,
I faux keep every one of them,
we inspected those yellow hands
and stalked every corner of the yard
to be sure we collected them all
in the warm sunshine of this early spring.
I can only hope
she feels the same way
about these dandelions
that I do about those buttercups.
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